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Sep 26, 2010 6:00pm PDT
axelrod wrote on thursday about a stealth campaign against the president being waged by the corporate big money boys. he blames the supreme court ruling that gives american corporations a green light to pour money into elections by funneling it through a not-for- profit organizations and trade groups. is that right? >> there is evidence of it. there is foreign money there. i think it will have some impact. it is hard to tell how much impact money has on politics. >> money has a lot of impact. you can have all the money in the world. if the other guy has enough money to get the message out, then it is at least a fair fight. i think there was $2.5 million into advertisements this week for six or seven senate races. that would have a big impact. >> that is lunch money. john mccain spent $20 million for re-election in his own district. >> but if you do it in one week. that is a lot of money. >> the idea that republicans are the ones pumping money into this and george soros and hollywood and democrats aren't, give me a break. >> i want to know who they are. i want to know that they disclose wh
Sep 28, 2010 12:00pm EDT
axelrod retires next year. then there's the obama economic team. larry summers is leaving. budget director peter orszag is gone. council of economic advisers chair christina romer is gone. >> the work that they do is difficult. they have been at it two years. >> only treasury secretary tim geithner remains and he is under fire. >> the economic team on the way out. >> five weeks before midterm elections. people are predicting big losses for democrats. the timing could not be more crucial. >>> the cia is intensifying missile attacks against militants in pakistan. they have heard of a new plan to target the multiple countries including the u.k., france, and germany. if 20 drawn strikes have been launched by the c.eia in the pat months. -- drone attacks. >>> 20 insurgents have been killed in a day of hard fighting. u.s. soldiers are now controlling is they had never been to before. commanders have taken away the homemade bombs from the taliban. >>> former alaska senator ted stevens will be laid to rest this afternoon at arlington national cemetery. the 86-year olds died last month in a plane c
Sep 12, 2010 8:00am PDT
to the president, david axelrod and then nine years after 9/11, what's behind the new wave of anti-muslim sentiment in america? has the president helped or hurt by weighing into controversies about an islamic community center and mosque in lower monta manhattan and a florida's pastor threat to burn a holy koran. we'll talk with rudy giuliani. finally, our political roundtable weighs in on the legacy of the 9/11 attacks, religious tensions in america and the outlook for the midterm race. with us the bestselling author of "no god but god: the origins, evolution and the future of islam" reza aslan. former white house press secretary to president clinton, dee dee myers, republican strategist mike murphy and ron brownstein of the "national journal." captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning. after a weekend of start and stop announcement, news from iran this morning that jailed american sarah surer will be released on $500,000 bail along with shane bower and josh fattal. she's been accused of spying and detained in an iran prison last summer. joining me from des moines, iowa, the pr
Sep 12, 2010 11:00am EDT
axelrod blasted republican calls to extend the bush era tax cuts and is taking on one republican by name. >> listen to what john boehner, the man who would be speaker, has said about what he wants to do about the economy, says he wants to restore those tax cuts for companies that ship our jobs overseas, he wants to cancel the obama tax cuts part of the recovery act for the middle class and raise taxes on 110 million families and yet he wants to borrow $700 billion to give millionaires and billionaires another tax cut and add to our deficit. >> mike viqueira is live at the white house. good morning. >> good morning. >> john boehner becoming a favorite white house target. >> no fewe than eight times did president obama mention john boehner's speech in the economic speech he gave last wednesday, cleveland being in the home state of john boehner, ohio. they are looking for someone to hit a punching bag as democrats are really underun the crunch n. they stand to lose their majority in the house of representatives. many experts say there's a better than even chance that's going to happen. and
Sep 22, 2010 5:30pm PDT
petraeus tells aides david axelrod is a complete spin doctor. most of this infighting over the war plan for afghanistan. finally, the president blows up. november 25th, 2009, only days before announcing his decision, the military asks for 4,500 more troops. woodward writes the president erupts saying, i'm done doing this, we've all agreed to a plan and we're going to stick to that plan. i haven't agreed to anything beyond that. six days later, his big speech at west point. >> the review has allowed me to ask the hard questions and to explore all the different options. >> reporter: the next day, the president explains why he added a timetable to begin withdrawing, telling republican senator lindsey graham, i can't let this be a war without end, and i can't lose the whole democratic party. >> you really want to see this kind of conflict and disagreement. through history that usually makes the best strategy, especially in a war. >> reporter: but the book reveals the success of the war strategy rests on afghanistan's hamid karzai, who u.s. intelligence reports is increasingly delusional and
Sep 25, 2010 6:00pm PDT
orszag and christina roam rer already gone. david axelrod will be heading home to chicago by spring to work on the president's reelection. axelrod expects david plough, the president's campaign manager, will likely come to washington as an adviser. press secretary robert gibbses is autopsy likely to move to adviser status. we've seen this movie before. bill clinton changed chiefs of staff four times at different crisis points in his presidency. president george w. bush dumped donald rumedz felled from the pentagon after the 2006 elections. all presidents have crisis point. president obama is in one leading up to the november elections so the new team he builds will say a lot about the direction he wants to go next year. jeff. >> glor: bill plante at the white house. bill, thank you. in the race for the california state house, the latest poll shows former ebay chief met whitman in a 41-41 tie with state attorney jerry brown. not so close is the campaign spending race between the two. ben tracy tonight has the facts and figures. >> reporter: nobody can accuse met whitman of being che
Sep 30, 2010 7:00pm EDT
. jim axelrod has his story. >> reporter: perhaps no one enjoyed being a hollywood heartthrob more than tony curtis, right up to the end. >> i had all that dark hair and blue eyes, a nice figure, jumping around. i mean, how could you not go for me? i even went for me. >> reporter: he shook off pretty boy roles to become a respected actor starting with" sweet smell of success." he was a noble slave in" spartacus," and won an oscar nomination as a white racist handcuffed to sidney portier in" the defiebt ones." born bernie schwartz in the bronx, tony curt i was married six times. janet lee was his first wife, actress jamie lee curtis, his daughter. this notorious ladies' man may have had his biggest hit disguised as a woman in" some like it hot" opposite jack lemmon and marilyn monroe. as curtis aged and the film roles dried up, he bathed drugs and alcohol. but he found new success as a painter. >> it's so moving for me. and, you know, i've become, perhaps, a household word in a way. i've been part of everybody's memory. >> reporter: tony curtis was 85. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >>
Sep 29, 2010 10:00pm EDT
the current 125statf play with david axelrod in an interview taped earlier today. david axelrod, thanks for joining us today. this afternoon -- >> good to be with you, lawrence. >> the house decided to adjourn in a shockingly close vote. that's never a close vote, but it was today. 39 democrats voted against adjournment without taking action on the current tax rates. some democrats were eager to go home, others were eager to stay in washington and fix this. so who's right, the go home now democrats or the fix taxes first democrats? >> well, the question really is, what about the hold the tax cut hostage republicans, and that's really what this debate has been about from the beginning. we all agree, republicans and democrats that we ought to extend these tax cuts up to $250,000 a year. that would take in 98% of the american people, give the middle class the tax cuts that they really need after getting battered over the course of the last decade. the republican party, mr. mcconnell, mr. bainer have said, no, that's not good enough, we want to spend $700 billion over the next ten years to
Sep 8, 2010 6:00am EDT
will make you some creamy butternut whipped nutmeg, mike. >>> we have a big show this morning. david axelrod will be joining us. >> that will be good. >> arianna huffington and my friend, governor ed rendell will join us, along with maria bartirow know. >> rahm gone perhaps. >> he is gone. >> he is running for mayor of chicago. >> pretty much said it, didn't he? >> speaking of that. a great guy. mayor daly. he has done such a remarkable job with that city. >> yes. >> and anyway. but we didn't really talk about owners zag. >> it was in our must reads and i think we ended up doing polls. >> you were talking about healthy food. anyway, the president's top economic adviser leaves and then says extends the bush tax cuts is going to set up quite a bit of debate. >> a good debate and that is coming up. >> and remarkus writes about the other part of owners sflag's plan to end all tax cuts two years from now. we will talk about that coming up. >>> president obama heads to cleveland this morning to push for billions of dollars in new taxes incentives for businesses, as well as infrastructure spending.
Sep 13, 2010 3:00am PDT
summer. joining me from des moines, iowa, the president's top political adviser, david axelrod. welcome back to meat meet, mr. axelrod. >> thanks, david. good to be here. >> what about this news from iran? when will she be released and will it happen this time? >> obviously we're hopeful and encouraged by these news but there have been starts and stops in this before and until that actually happens, you know, we're on a wait and see basis. >> as far as bower and fattal and their release, is there any progress there? >> you know, david, i won't comment on any of that right now because we're in a sensitive stage here. obviously we're hopeful that we can get these folks out. they should never have been in jail in the first place. they are being held under false pretenses and they should be released. we're working very hard to see that that happens. >> let me turn to politics and the domestic agenda particularly the economy. the president announced plans for some additional infrastructure spending to stimulate the economy. he also would like to give business tax breaks that the corporate wo
Sep 26, 2010 8:00am PDT
the republican plan? two "this week" exclusive interviews, the president's chief political adviser david axelrod and the top republican in the senate, mitch mcconnell, only on "this week." and queen rania of jordan in a sunday exclusive as the u.s. scrambles to save the middle east peace talks. we get her view. >> extremists have done a damn good job of using this cause to amplify their message. >> her efforts in the fight against extremism and for the rights of women and children. then obama's real war, afghanistan and bob woodward's new inside look at the battles over policy in the white house. we'll discuss that and all the week's politics in our roundtable with george will, donna brazile, matthew dowd and ron brownstein and "the sunday funnies." >> listen to this, one day delaware elects a witch, the next day the recession is over. i don't know. is that a coincidence? >>> hello again, and this week the recession was finally declared over. it officially ended june 2009, but the recovery has been slow, and the voters have been losing patience. with five weeks to go before the midterm elections
Sep 27, 2010 11:00pm EDT
personal records all the time. >> david axelrod, thank you for sitting down with us today. >> we continue our innovation in democracy program by bringing back mike allen from politico for next interview, with epilepsy, the former chairman of the republican national committee, among many positions. your brother. mike allen, thank you. [inaudible] >> i started out by parking cars. >> honest work. >> was in the basement and one of those typical. 18 years later, i was chairman on the top four calling people at home for money for the republican party. in those days, you wanted to make sure that we got more republican support. it was president reagan's agenda. the nature of it is not really change. we've just tack on more zeros. i am trying to help the republican state leaders and committee to help collect candidates around the country. >> and also the attorney general. >> gov. barbara has done a great job. i'm a founder of a senate organization. i've been a very good job for deccan out of helping public perceptions relative to the policy debate going on in washington. we need to learn to take
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Sep 23, 2010 3:00pm EDT
for mayor of chicago but now we are told president's senior advisor, david axelrod could leave next year to work on the president's re-election campaign but axelrod claims he will stay in the current position "well into 2011." and our reporter from the washington bureau. if he says he will stay that long why do we think he could leave sooner? >>reporter: people suggested he was leaving soon are but axelrod is the latest of many who are leaving or planning to leave after reports he was on the verge of departing he e-mailed and rahm emanuel said he will be here until 2011 and then will work on the re-election campaign, preferred outside of the white house. and the broader sense departures from the white house are not a surprise because people burn out. that happens quick are when it is not going well and the opposition is about to take over one house of congress. but karl rove a veteran of the bush white house says the average tenure of a senior aide is 18 months and he expected more departures the next year. in fact, several people in the national security area are expected to leave inclu
Sep 23, 2010 6:00am EDT
. >> the obama inner circle about to break open. rahm emanuel and david axelrod are among those likely to leave in a white house chief stuff, rahm to run for mayor of chicago. and axelrod to run in 2012. >>> also "the washington post," psychologists in chile are rushing the prepare the trapped miners for the sudden fame. they're optimistic they'll be freed within a month. a dozen documents are already in production. >> "los angeles times," nevada is the only state that allows resident to vote "none of the above" if they aren't satisfied with any of the candidates. that option could be a decisive factor in the close contest between harry reid and sharron angle. reid's camp says driving voters to vote none is not part of his strategy, but he has benefited from it before. in 1998 he won by just 400 votes while more than 8,000 people voted for none of the above. >> it should be the title for the last three years. >> let's do a book called "none of the above." >> isn't it something that harry reid, he's just not been a popular guy in that state, and yet he keeps squeaking by. he's the majority of th
Sep 24, 2010 12:00pm CDT
adviser is leaving the white house next year. the white house says david ackled are -- axelrod is returning to chicago to work on the president's re-election campaign. axelrod works next to the oval office and is responsible for the president's political strategy. his wife still lives in chicago and he never bought a home in washington. axelrod has not said exactly when he is leaving washington but the white house says it will be well into next year. >>> another sign white house chief of staff rahm emanuel will return to chicago to run for mayor. in the "sun-times" today, michael said she heard through the rumor mill that emanuel tapped terry peterson to manage his campaign. there is no official word from emanuel about his plans to leave the white house. and emanuel has met with other possible candidates presumably to line up allies should those candidates drop out. we have reported emanuel plans to leave his d.c. post next month. >>> chicago's first mayoral campaign commercial has hit the air waves. >> i'm city clerk miguel del valle and i'm running for mayor. >> an ad for mig
Sep 8, 2010 6:00pm EDT
announced he is not seeking another term. david axelrod seems to believe in it is a possibility. he says running for mayor is an attractive opportunity and the president would support his decision. still to come, changes up top. why you could be paying more for wine and cocktails. >> the martin luther king memorial controversy. who is set to work on the site? >> feeling stressed out? how d.c. ranks on a national survey. >> there is some relief from these high temperatures around a corner, but no relief from this dry weather. we will talk about both minutes away. >>> the search is on for the man who finally attacked a woman at a bus stop. this happened just before dawn near franconia road. the woman told officers someone grabbed her and sexually assaulted her. she described her attacker as heavyset wearing a white t- shirt. if you know anything about this case, called crime solvers. >>> more than 600 executives at lockheed will take buyouts. 25% of all executives -- they will cut its work force nationally by 10,000. this is one of many by lucky to cut spending. they are anticipating a red
Sep 26, 2010 12:05am EDT
correction. i think all of that will be discussed in the round table. we have david axelrod of the white house who will join us, and we have senator mitch mcconnell, and he will join us and we will talk about all of the divisions or unity between the tea party and the rest of the republican party and what it means for the midterm elections and for the democrats as they try to put their strategy fourth. we also have acknowledgment of what is happening in new york at the u.n. general assembly and a discussion of the money all development goals, all about the promises the world made to eradicate extreme poverty, to bring gender parity, bring universal education and other issues. we will be speaking with the king of jordan who is very involved in this and has an extremely articulate and passionate view on not just that but also the middle east peace process, on the way the islamic debate is happening and the u.s. that will be very compelling and interesting, too. >> awesome, thank you for the preview. >>> watch abc's "this week" sunday morning at 10:00, right here on abc 7. >>> coming up --
Sep 22, 2010 4:00am PDT
an aide he doesn't like talking to the president's senior adviser david axelrod. petraeus, in the book, dismisses axelrod as, quote, a complete spin doctor. and it talks about a cia 3,000-man covert army operating in afghanistan. and it says it has intelligence that afghan president, hamid karzai, suffers from manic depression. it also says that president obama also takes politics into account, as he sets that withdrawal deadline for next july. he says in the book, a deadline is needed because, quote, he can't lose the whole democratic party. this is all based on "new york times" reporting on that advanced copy of the book. all this, just breaking this morning. so far, no comment from the white house. rob and vinita? >> certainly some interesting details. emily schmidt in washington this morning. thank you. >>> and more shakeup at the white house. president obama's top economic adviser is now stepping down. larry summers plans to leave the white house and return to harvard at the end of the year. summers is the third high-profile economic adviser to leave in recent months. his departur
Sep 7, 2010 5:30pm PDT
jim axelrod reports, the world trade center site is undergoing a major transformation. there is new building, but also a reminder of old wounds. >> reporter: they lowered a 70- foot column into ground zero today, one of two tridents, as they're known, that weigh 50 tons each and were the last pieces of steel salvaged from the wreckage of the north tower. they're now back as part of a memorial. >> as i look at ground zero today, i think we finally are seeing progress. >> reporter: four days before the ninth anniversary of 9/11, new yorkers are seeing what they've been aching for at ground zero-- progress. >> nine years is not unreasonable for something as complex politically, as complex financially given the world that has changed since 9/11, and as complex from an engineering point of view. >> reporter: 2,000 construction workers are on the job seven days a week. the freedom tower is now 36 stories high on its way to 105. one new story is said to be added each week. 80% of what will be the largest man-made waterfall in the country is now finished. a few days ago the first 16 of 400
Sep 8, 2010 4:30am PDT
axelrod reports, almost nine years after 9/11, rebuilding at ground zero is advancing rapidly. >> reporter: they lowered a 70-foot column into ground zero, two tridens, as their known. and now they're back as part of a memorial. >> as i look at ground zero today, i think we finally are seeing progress. >> reporter: days before the anniversary of 9/11, new yorkers are seeing what they've been aching for at ground zero -- progress. >> nine years is not unreasonable for go as complex politically, complex financially, given the world has changed since 9/11, and as complex from an engineering point of view. >> reporter: 2,000 construction workers are on the job seven days a week. the freedom tower is now 36 stories high, on its way to 105. one new story is said to be added each week. 80% of what will be the largest manmade waterfall in the country is now finished. a few days ago, the first 16 of 400 trees were planted to symbolize the return of life to the site. the man in charge of the 9/11 memorial promises it will be done for next year's tenth anniversary. >> a bunch of people's jobs are on
Sep 14, 2010 5:30pm PDT
the world. tonight, national correspondent jim axelrod launches our new series of education "reading, writing and reform." >> let's go, let's go! >> reporter: in every town in america, the back-to-school rush is on. in croton, new york, the arturo brothers are already cracking the books. >> for three children for the amount of taxes we pay i think we're getting a very good deal. >> reporter: the public schools have done right by the arturos. but that's not the case across the board says education consultant mark schneider. >> our top students are just not world class anymore. >> reporter: that's right. of 30 comparable countries, we rank near the bottom. take math. finland is first followed by south korea, and there we are, number 25. same story in science. finland number one again, the u.s., number 21. where do we outrank the other countries? the amount we spend per student, just over $129,000 from k to 12, the others average $95,000. >> we have world-class expenditures and not world-class results. >> reporter: for instance, when it comes to high school graduation rates, the u.s. is
Sep 17, 2010 5:30pm PDT
the better. so to want jim axelrod raises a glass to the latest from guinness. >> this is pretty much about 43 inches. >> reporter: at three and a half feet from paws to shoulder and seven feet three inches long, giant george is the world's largest dog-- at least for now, say the people at guinness records. >> a new tallest dog could come tomorrow, a new smallest dog could come tomorrow. that's the nature of record breaking. >> reporter: animals have always been a part of the guinness book. like dexter the world's smallest cow, or anastasia, the fastest balloon popping dog. but it's documenting the human quest for achievement that's made guinness the highest selling book under copyright of all time. like mangeet singh who has the longest hair, not to be confused with sarwan singh who has the longest beard. where else would you find the record for running through the longest consecutive planes of glass, or the longest duration full body burn. don't try this at home. just this week on regis and kelly they set another guinness record-- longest human mattress domino chain. >> congratulations! >
Sep 27, 2010 7:00pm EDT
an emergency landing here in new york city. national correspondent jim axelrod has their stories and their incredible video. >> heads down! stay down! >> reporter: other a steady drum beat of a attendant's warning, delta connection flight 4951 came in for a crash landing. >> brace for impact. >> reporter: the plane took off from atlanta with 60 passengers and four crew members headed for white plains, new york. when the right landing gear wouldn't deploy, the plane was diverted to a longer runway at j.f.k. >> reporter: this man captured his video on his phone from his seat, 18b. >> there's an eerie silence, there's people praying around you. we were just bracing for the worst. >> stay down! >> reporter: the pilot, 55-year-old jack conroyd dipped the right wing down, shooting off sparks for 20 petrifying seconds. everyone was safe. today as mother hazel told us "that's my boy." >> he and the passenger had a big bear hug it looked to me like. and i thought how typical, because he's a a very loving man. >> reporter: today captain sully sullenberger has some company. >> he saved our
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 274 (some duplicates have been removed)